About Me

‘She’s like a dessert-hoarding dragon.’

Hello! Good to see you! I hope you’ve brought some waffles.

My name’s Fine [Fee-na], and I live in Scotland.

I love books (duh!), my guinea pigs and birds, and vegan food. I will read anything people throw at me, and my favourite genres are YA, fantasy, and poetry.

I just finished an English lit degree and I work as a bookseller so I see nothing but books all day – no, really! Shoutout to my utterly fabulous YA(y!) Reading Group – you’re better than waffles. And if you, dear reader, got all my Leigh Bardugo references, we’re friends now (don’t worry, we can work on your Nina Zenik knowledge. We’re friends anyway!).

Non-Bookish Hobbies (it’s a short list)
  • stare lovingly at my animal friends
  • go out for vegan food (I can’t cook…)
  • go to the cinema with fantastic friends
  • watch terrible reality TV

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